We offer online legal consultations by email.
You can contact us by email to addresses:
Adrian Bodea:
Ildiko Bodea:


For various law firm services, you can pay online by bank card using the link below.
The processing of payment will be made by the platform (for Avocat Bodea Horațiu Adrian) and (for Avocat Bodea Ildiko).

The transaction will appear in your bank account statement under the name of OnlinePay.

We accept for payment bank cards such as Mastercard and VISA.

The legal consultation or the law firm services are offered based on a legal assistance contract, which must be completed by our law firm with you (in electronic format, by email). If following the consultations given, we have to represent you in court or before other authorities, the price of consultation will be included in the final lawyer fee. If the consultations are not finalized with a legal relation of representation or assistance with our office, the money remain paid only for the consultation given, is not returned and is not included in subsequent services. Please do not pay in advance for services without contacting us first and without our communication to you of the costs of service which will be provided. If you pay ”by mistake” for certain services, you have to ask our office for an exoneration of payment made in writing, which bears the stamp of lawyer, by which we attest that the payment was made out of error, payment which was not owed to our office. Only in this case we can annul the transaction.