Articles and books

During my professional activity I published several articles and books. These articles are accessible on this website, in the list below.


The wisdom

Înţelepciunea este cel mai mare “dar” cu care fiinţa umană poate fi înzestrată de la Dătătorul de viaţă. Gândul care străfulgeră întreaga fiinţă se îndreptă spre înţelepciune, deoarece putem constata că această binecuvântare este pilonul în jurul căruia ar trebui să se învârtă creatura, astfel încât să nu fie amăgită de efemeritatea lucrurilor desuete care circumscriu lumii profane-reale, privându-ne astfel în acest mod de comuniunea cu Tatăl. Read more…

Private scholarships

The private scholarship represents a financial aid for the carrying out of studies which can be granted to a beneficiary who may be a pupil, a student, doctoral student or a person who attends a postgraduate programme in a higher accredited educational institution from the country or abroad. Read more…

Maintenance contract

I consider useful to come and support the readers, this time with a problem frequently encountered in practice, trying to insist more on this contract, trying to highlight certain issues which characterize it. Read more…
published in daily newspaper SZABADSAG of 12.11.2003

Life Annuity Contract

Because very many customers have asked for my assistance and asked information about life annuity, I decided to come and welcome all the newspaper readers, by showing the conditions of life annuity. Read more…
published in the daily newspaper SZABADSAG of 8.10.2003

General characters of contracts

With the desire to clarify as many readers as possible, with the desire to shed some light on the contracts signed in day-to-day life, I will try below to present a few general conditions of validity of a civil contract. Read more…

Matrimonial convention

Many persons ask me about matrimonial convention, what it is, how they could sign such a convention, what are its implications, if it can be signed in Romania or not, because they are about to get married or would want to foresee the fate of large fortunes, inheritances, gifts from parents. Read more…

Organization and functioning of community police

By the Law no.371/2004 published in Official Gazette no. 878 27 September 2004 they ordered the foundation, organization and functioning of Community Police. Read more…
published in the daily newspaper SZABADSAG of 26.01.2005


Libertatea Umana In Dreptul Roman
Legal compendium
Legal compendium 2
Little Guide for the circulation value of lands
Agro-technical and legal implications regarding the circulation value of lands